North Face targeted by oil and gas attack ad for refusing to work with fossil fuel companies

<p>Oil and gas company launches attack ad against North Face </p> (Chris Wright)

Oil and gas company launches attack ad against North Face

(Chris Wright)

The North Face has been targeted by an oil and gas attack ad after the company refused to affiliate itself with another fossil fuels business.

Chris Wright, the CEO of Denver-based Liberty Oilfield Services, launched a campaign against the company that included setting up billboards around North Face’s Denver office, creating a website, and orchestrating a social media campaign, Fox News Business first reported.

This campaign, entitled “Thank you, North Face”, has focused on the clothing company’s alleged hypocrisy for refusing to provide jackets to an organisation it didn’t want to be associated with publicly.


Innovex Downhole Solutions, an oil and gas company in West Texas, was denied 400 jackets from the company earlier this year, sparking the backlash.

North Face defended the decision at the time because it said the company was “not consistent with its brand standards.”

But Mr Wright and his campaign have pointed out that the eco-friendly company currently relies on oil and gas companies in order to produce some of its products.

“That North Face puffer looks great on you. And it was made from fossil fuels,” one billboard from the campaign says.

Fossil fuels can create petrochemicals to produce synthetic materials that are used in some of what North Face sells, including its boots and backpacks.

The California-based company has previously announced it intends to provide “100 per cent responsibly-sourced apparel fabrics by 2025.”

The Independent contacted North Face for a comment.

Mr Wright told Fox News Business that the goal of the campaign was to spark a conversation about fossil fuels and their role with the US economy as well as climate change.

Scientists have attributed the burning of fossil fuels as one major industry that’s exacerbated the climate crisis. But Mr Wright sees the role of the fossil fuel industry differently.

North Face might realise their “oil and gas is evil [stance] is kind of silly because my whole lifestyle depends on it, and all the products I enjoy in the outdoors are made out of it,” Mr Wright said.

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