Non-Americans Are Sharing The Quintessential "American" Things They've Always Wanted To Experience, And The Responses Are Honestly So Funny

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Reddit user u/gaping__hole posed the question: Non-Americans of Reddit: What is an American thing you have always wanted to try? The thread quickly filled with thousands of varied responses — from stereotypical food items to incredible travel experiences. Here's what people had to say:

1."I always wanted the American high school experience shown in movies. Are there really such distinguished groups of friends? I want to go to a homecoming! I want to go to an American prom!"


2."I want to visit a diner like in the movies — in the middle of the night, it’s raining, there are only a few people there, and great music is playing on the jukebox."


diner bar stools
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3."Deep-fried foods at a state fair. I'm from Scotland and we love to deep fry everything and I wanna know if it's just as good, or better, in the US."


4."Trick-or-treating at Halloween."


kids in line for trick or treating
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5."I've always wanted to hike The Appalachian Trail. Or see Yellowstone."


6."Ride a mechanical bull."


woman riding a mechanical bull
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7."Biscuits and gravy. I want it so badly."


8."I'd like to drive the entire length of the Pacific coast highway. Oh yeah, bucket list, baby."


pacific coast highway
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9."S'mores, lobster rolls, and Philly cheesesteaks."


10."Ride a yellow school bus, even if I'm too old. Growing up, I always loved seeing them on TV."


school buses
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11."Proper tailgating before a ball game — the kind where there's ribs and stuff."


12."Try one of the hotdogs from those little street cart things."


street hot dogs
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13."I would personally go to a carnival or a big music festival like Coachella or something. I know these things aren't technically 'American,' but I think you only find music culture like this in America. Oh, and I want to understand baseball. Man, that sport looks boring, but a lot of movies are made about it. I just wanna figure out how the game is played."


14."I hear you guys do smoked/BBQ meat the best. I would like to try it one day."


plate of bbq
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15."I've always wanted to go to a 'real' haunted house with actors during the Halloween season. Or one of those scary corn mazes with actors, etc."


16."DAIRY QUEEN. I've been seeing so much about them on the internet and I'd love a blizzard, but all we get are real blizzards."


dairy queen blizzard
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17."Sloppy joes. They look weirdly gross and mouth-watering at the same time. I just want to try one since I always see them in movies."


18."Attend one of those stereotypical US college/frat parties."


beer being poured into cups
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19."I wanna walk into a Walmart."


20."Stay in a quaint New England town during the fall."


road flanked by trees
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21."I want to experience free refills. I can't wrap my mind around having more than one drink for the price of one."


22."I'd love to visit some of the national parks. Also, I'd like to experience some of the less touristy states like Montana. We have beautiful nature in my home country as well, but it's not as sparsely populated as the US in some places. I'd also maybe go to a college hockey game since university/college sports are not a thing in Europe and I heard the atmosphere at college games is kinda special."


lake and mountains
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23."Attend one of those show where cars with big wheels crush each other and do tricks."


24."I really would like to try sweet potato pie and have a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner."


thanksgiving table set
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25."I've always wanted to try their soda. Apparently, our soft drinks/sodas like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are more carbonated and far less sweet to match the lifestyle and heat of my country. I can now confirm; it’s true. Also, I'm intrigued by all the different flavors of soda. When I was at Universal Studios, they seemed to have 20+ different flavors of soda. We have like three different flavors in my country. Also…the variety of sweets/lollies. Twizzlers come in rainbow colors and flavors? We only have raspberry in my country!"


26."Cedar Point and Six Flags. I just really like the thought of getting to ride a rollercoaster that actually gets the ol' adrenaline running again, which my local alternatives rarely do anymore."


roller coaster
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27.Finally: "In-N-Out Burger!!!"


Now let's turn the tables: Americans, what are some things from other countries you'd really like to experience? Share in the comments!

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