No US weapons used in Crimea strikes, Pentagon says

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Russian planes from the airfield in Novofedorivka regularly struck southern Ukraine
Russian planes from the airfield in Novofedorivka regularly struck southern Ukraine

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The spokesperson also said that Ukraine is exceeding all expectations as to its ability to execute creative and effective counter-offensive operations.

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The Pentagon later claimed that Kyiv was responsible for the strike at the Novofedorivka airfield, causing “damage to Russian aircraft and munitions used to attack Ukraine,” though it insisted that it did not provide ATACMS medium-range missiles to Ukraine, denying suggestions that the missiles were used in the attack.

Washington recently confirmed it supplied Ukraine with air-launched anti-radar missiles.

A series of blasts rocked Novofedorivka airfield near Saky, in Russia-occupied Crimea, on Aug. 9. Russia claims “several aviation munitions detonated,” causing the “accident” that killed one person and injured 14.

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Quoting an unnamed Ukrainian official, The Washington Post reported that the attack was carried out by Ukraine’s Special Operation Forces.

An earlier report by The New York Times said that senior Ukrainian sources confirmed the strike was delivered with Ukrainian-made weapons. Officially, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry maintains that it is not aware of what could have caused the Novofedorivka explosions.

UK military intelligence assessed that as many as four Russian ammo dumps detonated at the airfield, and at least eight fighter jets were destroyed or badly damaged.

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