Nisly running to fill vacancy in the 2nd Congressional District

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Aug. 11—WARSAW — State Representative Curt Nisly announced today that he is running for Congress in Indiana's 2nd Congressional District.

Rep. Nisly grew up in Elkhart County and now lives and owns a local business in Kosciusko County, a news release stated.

Curt has been elected to the State House four times since 2014. His wife, Mary, is the past Chair of the Elkhart County Republican Party, and was the first woman elected to that position.

"We need more Hoosier common-sense in Washington DC," Nisly said in the release. "I'm running to support limited government, to find solutions for inflation, and to help fix the immigration crisis. I'm excited for the future and look forward to continuing to bring Indiana values to help fix DC."

Nisly championed Indiana's pro-gun Constitutional Carry law for years, bringing it to where it could pass and become law this year. He also championed the Protection of Life bill, achieving a crucial vote in the House just last week in the special session. Rep. Nisly is a strong proponent of lower taxes and reducing government regulation and spending.

"I stand in firm opposition to Biden's agenda, strongly opposing the farce 'climate change' bill that was just passed, along with the entire so-called 'Build Back Better' plan which is wreaking havoc on our economy," Nisly said.

"The out of control tax-and-spend agenda of Biden and the Democrats destroys job growth and pushes the hard-left agenda," Nisly said. "We must stand up for the needs of American families, not special interests and multinational corporations."

Nisly serves on the Natural Resources and Government and Regulatory Reform committees. He and his wife Mary operate their small business, C-Tech Solutions, Inc., specializing in sheet metal product development, data-driven applications and technical consulting. Mary is also a registered nurse and together they have four grown children.