Nirvana Water Sciences wins Best Technology Innovation at Global Water Drinks Awards

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NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. ("Nirvana"), is pleased to have won Best Technology Innovation for its Nirvana HMB spring water at the 2021 Global Water Drinks Awards.

Living longer by living stronger™ (PRNewsfoto/Nirvana Water Sciences Corp.)
Living longer by living stronger™ (PRNewsfoto/Nirvana Water Sciences Corp.)

In addition to its win for innovation, Nirvana was also a finalist in the categories of Best New Water Concept, Best Marketing/Social Media Campaign, and Best New Brand, all for its innovative and unique Nirvana HMB spring water.

"We are delighted to be recognized for our work in bringing a remarkable new product to market. The win for Nirvana HMB as Best Technology Innovation in 2021 shines the spotlight on our science-backed approach to product development which we believe will be category defining in the beverage industry," advises Mark Zettle, Nirvana's President of Sales.

Organized by the international food and drink experts Zenith Global, the 7th annual Global Water Drinks Awards attracted over 165 entries with participation from every continent worldwide.

Infused with myHMB® Clear, the patented water-soluble form of βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate (HMB) is licensed exclusively to Nirvana and is clinically proven to support muscle wellness.

HMB is a natural substance in the body that supports muscle wellness. Over two decades of research and 90 clinical trials have proven its efficacy to:

  • Enhance Athletic Performance

  • Boost Muscle Performance

  • Reduce Muscle Recovery Time

  • Slow Muscle Degradation

Nirvana uses science as its foundation, and as its springboard for innovation. Science has allowed us to live longer. Now with Nirvana HMB spring water, science allows us to live stronger. "With Nirvana HMB spring water, you can begin living longer by living stronger," reports Zettle.

Nirvana plans to continue its innovation and leadership in science-backed spring water products that improve the quality of life by enhancing the performance of the body. In Q1 2022 it will introduce Nirvana HMB + D3, complementing its signature Nirvana HMB spring water and adding to Nirvana's growing product line of innovative HMB infused spring water products.

About Nirvana Water Sciences Corp.

Nirvana is an active lifestyle brand. Its infused spring water product line represents its foundation of living longer by living stronger™, and is driven by the desire to improve the quality of life by enhancing the body's performance.


Cathy Bergman, Director of Communications
Cell: 819.681.9643

Mark Zettle, President of Sales
Cell: 239.207.0134

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