NIHPLOD Officially Launches Customized Service N7 Plus

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PARIS, January 28, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At the beginning of 2022, NIHPLOD, a high-end niche skincare brand, was redefined by its new Chief Executive, John Morrell.

The company will rename its membership business as N7 Plus, aiming to provide more customized services for its high-net-worth individuals.

Morrell will now take over the business center based in France with his team of directors, including Thomas Bernstein, Melissa Schnauz, Moira Porter, Peter Katt and so on. They have rich experience in skincare products and private member management since they previously worked at L'Oréal, Coutts, TWK and other companies.

Morrell said at an earlier press conference:

"Discussions about N7 Plus have been going on for quite some time. The ongoing pandemic has gradually set new trends for the lifestyles of high-net-worth individuals we served before. In this connection, we should not only embrace this situation, but also adjust as soon as possible, which mark a new chapter for our employees, partners and customers.

"We firmly believe that beauty and skincare are only part of the lifestyles, so more diverse visions and experiences should be added to make our lives exquisite and interesting. Hence, NIHPLOD has always been committed to offering better skincare services for customers.

"N7 Plus not only provides members with customized services such as skin care, beauty and image consulting, but also tailors a better lifestyle for members from seven areas including fitness, food, fashion, art, travel and socializing. If necessary, we can arrange for Ms. Mavis in London to take a private jet to Paris Fashion Week at noon the next day, or invite Alberto Durá, the top chef in Barcelona, to design an exquisite dinner for her birthday party."

NIHPLOD was founded in Monaco United Skincare Laboratory in 2008. Based on advanced biotechnologies, it aims to provide customers with efficient, healthy, safe and exquisite skincare experiences. Under the guidance of co-founder Dr. Stefan, NIHPLOD combines liposome and nanoemulsion technology with carefully selected natural active ingredients to guarantee better daily skincare after undergoing extensive clinical trials and research.

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