NicoKick Statement in Support of Age Verification Legislation for Online Tobacco Purchases

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WASHINGTON, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Markus Lindblad, Head of External Affairs at NicoKick's parent company, the Haypp Group, today released the following statement regarding the introduction of H. 3287 in the Illinois General Assembly, a new bill that would put in place age verification for consumers purchasing tobacco products online.

"NicoKick applauds the introduction of H. 3287 in the Illinois General Assembly. We encourage other states to follow suit and introduce this proposal, which would put in place important age verification checks for online tobacco purchases. This legislation would save lives by achieving two important goals: keeping tobacco products out of the hands of teens, while making it easier for smokers to convert to less harmful products, such as tobacco-free nicotine pouches. More Americans than ever are switching to a healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle and choosing smokeless flavored nicotine products over more harmful combustible products. While overreaching flavor bans under consideration in many states don't work, make it harder for adults to access less harmful tobacco products, and create widespread unintended public health risks to adult users who may now have no realistic option but to switch to cigarettes, this age verification proposal is the sort of common sense legislation states should be focused on passing instead."

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