Nick Young Claims He Was Hacked Following Misogynistic NCAA Comment: 'I Love Women I Would Never!'

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Former NBA star Nick Young has garnered criticism after a misogynistic comment was posted from his Instagram account, but he’s since claimed he was hacked.

The comment from Young’s account was posted under a video ESPN shared of Oregon Ducks player Sedona Prince comparing the weight rooms for men and women at their respective NCAA bubbles. “So for the NCAA March madness, the biggest tournament in college basketball for women, this is our weight room,” said Prince, showing a lone stack of weights. “Lemme show y’all the men’s weight room.” The men’s room, meanwhile, is considerably larger with far more resources for athletes.

In a statement, the NCAA insisted that it wasn’t money that was the problem, but space. Prince proceeded to show a huge empty space next to the women’s practice court. “If you aren’t upset about this problem, then you are a part of it,” she added. Young seemingly didn’t seem to think much of the video, adding his thoughts in the comments.

“Man y’all not bringing in the big bucks y’all the JV team and it’s cool,” Young’s account commented on the post.

When people pointed out how dismissive what he wrote was, Young said on Twitter that he was the victim of a hack. “Dang who hack me like that,” he wrote after the comment was shared on Twitter. “I love women I would never! All the woman I love We gotta find this hacker going around.

Regardless, the now-deleted comment has sparked plenty of criticism.

As pointed out by journalist Natalie Weiner, this wouldn’t be the first time Nick Young made dismissive or offensive comments about women’s basketball. “I promise if IG models made it to the WNBA they would be lit and the bag,” he wrote on Twitter in 2018. “I said it first.”

But as Nick Young insists, there’s a hacker going around… apparently.

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