Nick Bloomfield and Companies Outshadow Competition with Unparalleled Construction Services

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LYNNWOOD, WA / ACCESSWIRE / October 21, 2020 / Beyond being a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Nick Bloomfield is recognized for being an optimist, spreading positivity wherever and with everyone he collaborates with. It's his tireless work ethic that makes him one of the most notable CEOs of his generation.

Over the last 15 years, Nick has thoughtfully built his empire. Today, he owns two prominent businesses in Western Washington-Castle Walls, LLC and Rebound Restoration Contractors, LLC. The former is an industry leader in retaining wall and paver installations in both commercial and residential properties. Rebound Restoration Contractors, LLC, is an insurance reconstruction company, specializing in fire, wind, and water damage restorations.

Formerly, Nick has engaged in several ventures in various industries. He has ventured into financial markets and software sales, both of which have expanded his perspective and allowed him to grow as an entrepreneur. Taking his learnings and acquired knowledge after a considerable time of experience, Nick is now a strong force in the construction industry. His companies are both taking the lead in merging long-standing practices with the latest advancements in technology.

"Rebound Restoration Contractors, LLC is a unique business in the sense that we capitalize on our 18 year history in the market, but we do so using next generation technology and marketing techniques," said the CEO. Rebound Restoration Contractors is home to the most seasoned professionals repairing homes to the highest standard and guarantees the country's finest workmanship. The company upholds a comprehensive hiring process in choosing people to join their circle. Nick and his team value precision, professionalism, integrity, and effective communication above anything else.

A huge factor contributing to his companies' successes is that they are always open to fresh ideas. While Nick's team uses a repeatable process, he remains enthusiastic in scaling what he knows by incorporating new ideas into his businesses.

Nick is the perfect epitome of a strategic entrepreneur who, instead of building a company from scratch, takes courage to improve an existing brand and make it entirely his own. His big picture "why" is to inspire other upcoming entrepreneurs who are in the process of building their own empire. Nick recalled that shifting his mindset paved the way for achieving the lifestyle he has dreamed for himself and his family. Like many, he wanted to free himself from the structured corporate environment and earn the liberty of controlling his time and resources. Indeed, Nick did.

Asked what separates him from the rest of the pack, Nick said that his perspective makes him stand out. He carries a distinct certainty and confidence that he can do anything, and because of that fearless aura, people are enthused to believe what he is capable of. It takes knowledge and resources to build a business. But it takes a strong mind, passion, and immense self-assurance to build a lionhearted CEO.

Outside his business ventures, Nick is a proud family man. Together with his wife Brooke, they are raising their two boys, Mason and Owen, and daughter Madelyn in Lynnwood, Washington.

To learn more about Nick Bloomfield and his personal endeavors, visit his Instagram account.

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