Don Cherry stands firmly behind Canadian 'Freedom Rally' truck convoy

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Former Hockey Night In Canada icon Don Cherry told the Toronto Sun he's
Former Hockey Night In Canada icon Don Cherry told the Toronto Sun he's "100% behind the truckers" heading to Ottawa to protest Canadian vaccine mandates. (Getty)

A truck convoy being dubbed the “Freedom Rally” in Canada got support from an ousted Canadian hockey staple on Friday, as Don Cherry made it clear he is completely on board.

“I am 100% behind the truckers,” Cherry said to the Toronto Sun on Friday. “They are salt of the earth and the heartbeat of the country.”

The rally, which has seen trucks along with supporters convoy from various parts of the country to Ottawa, began as a protest against vaccine mandates put in place by the Canadian government. However, it has essentially transitioned to a movement pushing to end all COVID-19 restrictions across Canada.

“It should always be a person’s own choice,” Cherry said in regards to the vaccine mandate. “I have had three shots but it was my own decision. I did not tell anybody else what they should do and would never tell anybody what they should do. It’s up to them.”

Cherry did go on to mention that he thinks people are in the right to protest things they disagree with, as long as they do so “peacefully.” Unfortunately, there have reportedly been some causing trouble in Ottawa, something Cherry hopes doesn’t ruin it for individuals who are causing no harm.

The former Hockey Night In Canada icon, as you may remember, was relieved of his duties by Sportsnet and the CBC back in November of 2019 after his now infamous "you people" rant — which appeared to chastise immigrants for not wearing poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day — was blasted across airwaves on live TV.

Though he has since tried to clarify his comments at the time, the 87-year-old has not been welcomed back to Sportsnet or the mainstream Canadian spotlight in general, but has managed to stay involved in the media world with his ‘The Don Cherry’s Grapevine’ podcast.

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