NFL insider believes it will cost two first-round picks to acquire QB Aaron Rodgers

By this time next week, we should have an answer as to if Aaron Rodgers will continue playing football in 2023. If the answer is yes, then there will be a bidding way for one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

The Raiders are believed to have an interest in Rodgers, especially after trading for his former teammate in Davante Adams last offseason. But what would be the cost to acquire Rodgers at this stage in his career? More than you would think.

According to Peter King of NBC Sports, he believes that it will cost two first-round picks for any team to acquire Aaron Rodgers. Here is a snippet of his thoughts on the possible price tag:

“So, how possible is it? Well, consider that Rodgers’ cap numbers in the next two seasons would be $48.3 million, combined. That’s certainly manageable. As for the compensation due Green Bay, my guess is the Pack would want at least two first-round picks.”

Yikes. Rodgers will turn 40 during the 2023 season and his play took a sharp decline last year. Would a change in scenery and an upgrade in weapons be enough to get him to play at an elite level once again? Maybe, but that’s a lot to give up for a quarterback well past his prime.

It’s hard to envision the Raiders giving up pick No. 7 in the 2023 NFL Draft and an additional first-round pick for Rodgers. They may be able to part with one pick, but both seem rather unrealistic. But if the Raiders feel pressured to make a big splash this offseason to compete with the Chiefs, then we have to assume it’s on the table.


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Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire