Nets' Steve Nash on moving forward without Kevin Durant: 'We can't cry about it'

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Kevin Durant and Steve Nash side by side
Kevin Durant and Steve Nash side by side

Nets head coach Steve Nash was asked when he expects Kevin Durant, who suffered a sprained MCL over the weekend, to be back. But as has been the case in the past with the team's superstars, some timelines for injury just aren't hammered out yet.

“We don’t have a timeline and it’s also a few weeks before we reeevaluate it," Nash explained before the Nets' game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday. "So right now we wait and see how it heals and recovers over the next few weeks and then there will be some more evaluation and hopefully some sort of timeline.”

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski said initially that the team was optimistic that a four-to-six week recovery was needed for Durant to get back on the court. So that could be around the All-Star break. However, Nash didn't want to get too in depth, as he'd rather his team's leading scorer to ease himself into this process instead of rushing back.

But again, Nash has been here before. Durant was hurt last season. James Harden dealt with injury, too. And Kyrie Irving is currently a part-time player who wasn't used at the beginning of the year. Finally, Joe Harris hasn't been able to stay healthy this season either.

So the Nets' Big Three and many more being on the court at the same time is unfortunately a rarity. The Nets still find ways to win, though.

"We play the cards we’re dealt," Nash said. "It’s a little bit out of our hands and we just have to do the best we can. We can’t cry about it. We can’t feel sorry for ourselves.”

And that's not saying the Nets won't be feeling the absence of Durant. Of course losing your leading scorer is going to make others have to step up in his place, especially Harden when they're at home since Irving won't be able to play. Nash will also be reliant on his rookies who have shown out, too.

"Losing Kevin Durant is a huge deal, but like if it’s every been minimalized it’s this situation because we’re used to having all sorts of guys in and out and different things occur," he explained. "So I think we’re used to it. I think we have the history to deal with it the best we can. Although it’s a tall order, I think we stay positive, we stay resolute and I also think we continue that growth mindset that we want to try to learn, grow, and push ourselves to be better at the end of the road. If that’s your goal, we don’t want to get caught minutiae of wins and losses day to day, week to week.

"We want to try to continue to get better, find things out about ourselves and our group week to week that put us in a position to be better at the end of the season than we are now.”