‘This is not Charlotte’: Neighbors weigh in on more changes proposed for Birkdale

Neighbors weighed in Monday on proposed plans for new development to Birkdale Village in Huntersville.

Birkdale, located off Sam Furr Road and Interstate 77, is a development with restaurants, stores, a movie theater and apartments in one of Huntersville’s busiest areas.

Earlier this year, the property owners began a $20 million renovation. That included a 6,000-square-foot open-air gathering space, which will be used for community events and sports watch parties.

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Now, even more changes could be coming.

On Monday, the property owners presented new plans to the Huntersville Town Board. The plans include 350 new apartments, a 125-room hotel, an office building, more retail space and two new parking decks.

The developer says Birkdale needs to modernize to stay relevant and keep the area as a destination for residents and guests.

“Birkdale Village, while 20 years old, has needed, and we’ve been injecting, a good shot in the arm to continue making it relevant,” said Tim Perry with North American Properties.

Neighbors can weigh in Monday on the plans to bring a new development to Birkdale Village in Huntersville.
Neighbors can weigh in Monday on the plans to bring a new development to Birkdale Village in Huntersville.

Monday’s public hearing came at a time when Birkdale Village is seeing big changes. A children’s store, new lifestyle boutiques and a dessert shop are all set to open in October. A building permit also shows the Cheesecake Factory will add a restaurant at the former Gap store.

Some neighbors say they’re concerned about the traffic impact the growth of Birkdale will create on the area. Bobbie Smith said if the town approved the project, Birkdale would become an attraction.

“This would be just a really cool area for family and friends to visit from out of town,” Smith said. “Just park on a Saturday and hit all the shops, grab a bite to eat and just kind of hang out.”

Lou Power lives and walks near Birkdale every day.

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“Right now it’s looking nice, why crowd it with all that?” she said.

She’s happy with the progress so far, but says she’s concerned about the traffic impact and parking if the growth continues.

“It’s just kind of a pain in the neck you know what I mean? I’m not a patient person and you have to sit there and wait, and wait, and wait,” Power said.

Other neighbors say they’re worried about safety. Cell phone video circulated online after a fight broke out between high schoolers in March outside of the nearby movie theater.


Many neighbors say they want Huntersville town commissioners to take all these concerns into account before signing off on the additional projects.

On Monday night, a speaker said the project doesn’t feel suited for their city.

“This is Huntersville, that is Birkdale Village. This is not Charlotte. This is not Uptown,” said Audra Collins during the public comment period. “I know, if I want to go to Birkdale, I am not looking to see an office building. I am not looking to see a hotel.”

Any decision on the proposal will come from the Huntersville Town Commission at a later date.

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