Nagamasa Global Announced Support of Over 400 Technology Devices Throughout Its Multiple Data Centers

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Server colocation brings client trading strategies close to exchange matching engines--reducing latency, execution times and points of potential failure

KANTO, Japan, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Nagamasa Global, a commodity broker that aims to offer the highest level of customer service and transaction capability required by today's sophisticated financial market participants, today announced support of over 400 technology devices throughout its multiple data centers. This significant buildout includes client equipment colocated proximate to exchange matching engines as well as Nagamasa Global network and operational infrastructure. Client hosted technology devices increased 19% since its inception.

"We see accelerated demand for server colocation," explained Nagamasa Global's President and Chief Executive Officer, Fuyuki R. Setsuna, "client focus on cost reduction coupled with trust and confidence in our talented technology team seem to propel this increase."

"The growth in colocated equipment highlights our technology team's quality service, network monitoring, on-site maintenance and support," explained Kazuo Yoshika, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Nagamasa Global.

Nagamasa Global offers flexible monthly pricing with no long-term contracts required. The firm leases over 1,000 square meters of data center space strategically located in proximity to major exchange trade matching engines. Server colocation brings client trading strategies close to exchange matching engines—reducing latency, execution times and points of potential failure.

"Nagamasa Global colocation provides clients reliable, high-performance connectivity at a fraction of the cost of a private data center," added Hatsuo Setsuna, Chief Technology Officer, Nagamasa Global. "Our economies of scale enable Nagamasa Global to price competitively, maintain performance and efficiency and provide exceptional service. When the markets are open, we are open, staffed 24/6 to provide support. We want to be the premiere choice for our clients."

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Nagamasa Global provides insights in the commodities markets to all market participants to allow them to make better business decisions with confidence. The firm includes a team of experienced financial and market advisors offering a vast list of services for small-scale businesses, individuals, corporate and governmental entities. The company is emerging as a trusted commodity broker with customers from different sectors looking for expertise in pricing, news, and analytics. The company focuses on feasibility more than anything else, and this is the reason it provides a wide array of products and services to its clients that allow them to better sustain their investments.

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