N2 Packaging Systems, LLC Successfully Protects Its Proprietary Packaging Process for Government Regulated Substances

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N2 Packaging Systems, LLC obtains a judgment in the District Court of Arizona to resolve litigation regarding the misappropriation of its proprietary information

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., September 27, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--N2 Packaging Systems, LLC ("N2 Packaging") is the holder of various patents within the United States, Canada and other international markets relating to its proprietary nitrogen-based packaging processes.

In early 2019, N2 Packaging filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County, Arizona, against the Canadian entity N2 Pack Canada, Inc. ("N2 Canada") and affiliates to prevent the unauthorized use of its intellectual property and proprietary information.

In the lawsuit, N2 Packaging alleged that N2 Canada infringed upon N2 Packaging’s patents and breached the agreement between them for the purpose of misappropriating N2 Packaging’s trade secrets and other confidential information related to N2 Packaging’s nitrogen-based packaging processes in the United States and Canada.

On September 15, 2021, N2 Packaging obtained a stipulated judgment against N2 Canada with the following findings:

  • N2 Canada infringed upon N2 Packaging’s patents;

  • N2 Canada breached its contract with N2 Packaging;

  • N2 Canada breached its implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing;

  • N2 Canada misappropriated N2 Packaging’s trade secrets; and

  • N2 Canada tortiously interfered with N2 Packaging’s third-party contracts.

In the judgment, N2 Canada is ordered to pay N2 Packaging damages and its attorney’s fees.

"This lawsuit is representative of our efforts to take any and all steps necessary to protect our intellectual property and proprietary packaging processes," said Thom Brodeur, CEO of N2 Packaging. "Now that it has resolved its litigation with N2 Canada, N2 Packaging looks forward to continuing the expansion of its footprint in Canada and elsewhere."

Separately, N2 Packaging has entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Nitrotin, Inc., a Canadian entity ("Nitrotin"), which provides a limited license to utilize N2 Packaging’s patents and proprietary processes related to the packaging of government regulated substances in territories outside of the United States. N2 Packaging will also continue to operate independently in these territories.

N2 Packaging invites anyone who is interested in learning more about its innovative packaging solutions to reach out to its representatives.

About N2 Packaging Systems, LLC
N2 Packaging Systems is an Arizona-based sustainable packaging company that offers innovative packaging solutions for various industries, including the legal cannabis industry. N2's proprietary process is cornerstone to their mission of collaborating with licensed, reputable businesses to provide a packaging solution that consistently delivers high quality product through a compliant, sustainable process. N2's emphasis on quality control, product preservation and compliance provides a superior packaging option that meets the needs of cultivators, distributors, regulators and consumers. N2 Packaging currently operates in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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Thom Brodeur, CEO at thom@n2pack.com (602) 743-7281
Justin M. Brandt, Esq., Litigation Counsel at justin@bianchibrandt.com (480) 531-1800

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