A Must-Read Christian Dystopian Thriller Novel in 2022: The Sodium War by Nathan Merritt

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - February 28, 2022) - Author Nathan Merritt delivers a compelling, nuanced story in his latest Christian dystopian thriller, The Sodium War. This story is both a personal exploration of heartache and a broader commentary on the pervasive destruction of racism in society.

Book cover of The Sodium War

The Sodium War follows the life of Rafe, a young journalist who returns to the Bible to cope with the aftermath of filming a horrendous news story in Sodium, TX. He reconnects with God, learning the true value of friendship and that healing from even the most grievous of wounds is possible in the light of Christ. With the country divided by the tragedy, Rafe reluctantly takes center stage in the volatile conflict known as the Sodium War.

Merritt was inspired to write because of several mass shootings, including those in El Paso, Dayton, and Odessa. With many real-life attacks rooted in white supremacy, The Sodium War examines the intersection of violence and racism on a national scale.

In a glowing review, Aimee Jodoin of IndieReader describes The Sodium War as "A story of both the brutality of humans when pushed to the extremes and the power of the morally-just to persevere in times of oppression." Praise continues to be effusive, with readers rating Merritt's work highly.

Fans of Dan Brown will enjoy the breakneck pace and religious symbolism of The Sodium War. Although Christians will also appreciate the biblical stories woven throughout Merritt's original storyline, The Sodium War emphasizes that racism requires a level of unity and shared humanity that transcends tradition, making it an accessible, relatable work for all.

While the story is a fictional thriller, a real-life similarity in the book is how people can struggle to discuss racism. However, subjects like racism are best handled by having open conversations and discussions. It is through discussions that our society can learn from one another and better appreciate each other, therefore allowing us all to progress together.

The Sodium War is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Originally from Houston, Nathan Merritt served a Spanish-speaking mission in Argentina for two years to help people come closer to Jesus Christ. He wrote and directed a narrative film called Hannah and Jude, which is about blindness and learning to love and trust in something you can't see. Currently, Merritt is a TV commercial producer living in Spokane, and he loves spending time with his family of five children and hiking many of the breathtaking trails of the Inland Northwest. Visit him online at natemerritt.com.

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