Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special announcement met with dismay: ‘It has fewer laughs than Panorama’

Louis Chilton
·2 min read
Mrs Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) during Children in Need 2020 (BBC)
Mrs Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) during Children in Need 2020 (BBC)

It's brought misery to millions around the world, mutates to avoid being stamped out, and there's no end in sight... Mrs Brown's Boys is returning for Christmas.

The BBC have announced that the popular sitcom created by Brendan O’Carroll will debut a new Christmas special for 2020 as part of its holiday line-up.

Last year’s festive episode, entitled “A Wonderful Mammy”, attracted more than seven million UK viewers when it aired, but the series remains reviled by many for its broad comic sensibilities

Some TV viewers have reacted with horror at the prospect of another festive outing for the cross-dressing matriarch, voicing their opinions on social media.

“Forget Covid there’s my Christmas ruined,” wrote one person. “Mrs Brown’s Boys ffs. I demand to know who watches it and who likes it?”

Another quipped that the series “has fewer laughs than Panorama”.

“The BBC does loads of fantastic stuff, although root canal work is an attractive alternative to Mrs Brown,” wrote someone else.

One Twitter user wrote, “Good morning all. I’ve just heard there’s going to be a Christmas edition of Mrs Brown’s Boys,” alongside a Gif of a man throwing himself through a glass window.

Others criticised the line-up as a whole for its dearth of new content, with Christmas editions of Doctor Who, EastEnders, Strictly Come Dancing and Call the Midwife also scheduled for the winter break.

“This has been the same BBC line-up on Xmas day for about 10 years running. And they're all utter rubbish shows. Dreadful tele,” wrote one irritated TV viewer.

“This line-up is the best argument to end the licence fee I’ve ever seen,” wrote another. “The mediocrity is staggering.”