Mozart Raises $3M Pre-Seed to Build an NFT Platform to Onramp Game Developers and Players into Web3

Mozart will leverage the funding to grow its team and continue building a suite of offerings for game studios to easily integrate Web3 capabilities and power next-gen gaming

SAN FRANCISCO, CA --News Direct-- Mozart

Mozart, a new platform that simplifies the process for game developers to integrate Web3 gaming experiences, announced today that it has raised $3M in pre-seed funding from several investors, including Arcanum Capital, AG Build, Future Perfect Ventures, and SaxeCap. Mozart has grown more than 3x over the past two months, and will use the funds to continue onboarding game studios and expanding its suite of offerings for next-gen gaming.

Integrating Web3 capabilities into games poses a number of challenges. For game developers, it can be complex to learn about blockchain technology and new game design patterns. For players, high friction user interfaces, fees they’ve never had to pay before, and learning about web3 can add friction to the gaming experience. Mozart solves these problems by providing a Software Development Kit (SDK) for game developers that makes it easy to build web3 user-interfaces that are indistinguishable from a regular gaming experience. For example, adding NFTs becomes a simple API call with a few lines of code — instead of weeks or months for developers to learn about blockchain.

While gaming NFTs are still niche, the industry has historically welcomed shifts in gaming models. Free-to-play was a gaming model that started out as a small niche, but resonated with players while increasing revenue for game studios. Within a few years, free-to-play became an industry standard for monetization throughout the $195B gaming market. Mozart sees a similar shift occurring with the rise of NFTs, as they unlock new streams of monetization for game studios and improve the experience for gamers. So far, gaming NFTs have been growing rapidly within niche communities of web3 enthusiasts, but issues with user experience and developer experience have made it difficult for them to go mainstream.

"We eliminate the complexity for game studios by giving them a web2-like SDK and tools to integrate NFT components," said Co-Founder and CEO of Mozart Arman Puri. "We’re providing game developers with the tools necessary to build a simpler onramp for players to enjoy their gaming experience. No web3 experience needed.”

Mozart is building several components within the platform that will improve the user and developer experience and expand what's possible with gaming NFTs. At its core, Mozart delivers:

  • A REST API that feels like web2 — no blockchain knowledge or experience required

  • No gas fees

  • Easy onboarding for traditional gamers with social login and payments with credit cards

  • A developer dashboard — a no-code solution for creating and managing gaming NFTs

  • Fast, highly responsive APIs that allow developers to use NFTs in games while maintaining a great user experience – no more waiting 30+ seconds to mint an NFT or interact with the blockchain.

"Today, players primarily use NFTs as collectibles, but we've only scratched the surface with what NFTs will enable in the future,” said co-founder of Mozart Saureen Shah. “Our vision is to make it simple for any game studio to enable NFTs and extend their capabilities, so that game studios can focus on what they do best: to build the most engaging games."

Mozart was founded by Saureen Shah alongside CEO Arman Puri, Jin Huang, and Oliver Montalbano. Shah and Huang developed an NFT infrastructure to represent tokenized physical property, while Puri and Montalbano have worked extensively in the creator economy. As the company grows, Mozart plans to extend the capabilities of NFTs by building an NFT blockchain purpose-built for game developers and studios. For more information on Mozart, visit

About Mozart

Mozart is an NFT platform that simplifies the process for game developers to integrate Web3 gaming experiences. Saureen Shah co-founded Mozart alongside CEO Arman Puri, Jin Huang, and Oliver Montalbano. Mozart aims to provide a user experience where users can interact with NFTs without experience with crypto. Mozart is quickly becoming the designated platform for game studios looking to increase in-game capabilities and provide experiences where consumers can collect, trade, and own NFTs — using social logins and credit cards. For more information on Mozart, please visit: and follow @mozart_xyz on Twitter for company announcements and updates.

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