Move Over Elf on the Shelf! Santa's Lazy Gnome is Every Busy Parent's New Best Friend

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There's no denying that for all the wonder and joy the holiday season brings, it can also bring not-so-spirited stress. There are Griswold-level lights to put up, an entire house to decorate, cookies to bake, holiday performances to attend, gifts to buy, and then there's the pièce de résistance: the Elf on the Shelf. For busy parents, that mischievous little "helper" can be the straw that broke the camel's … er, reindeer's … back.

Enter Santa's Lazy Gnome. Similar to Elf on the Shelf, the friendly Christmas guest was sent from the North Pole to help with Santa's naughty and nice list. But unlike his elusive counterpart who's constantly on the move, Lazy Gnome uses his mystical powers to scout from one central spot in your home. That's right—say goodbye to the elaborate setups and hours spent scouring Pinterest for the latest schemes.

Utah mom Julie DeForest said she created the stuffed gnome and wrote his accompanying book a few years ago when her kids were little and began begging for an elf.

Stuffed gnome with picture book
Stuffed gnome with picture book

Courtesy of Santa's Lazy Gnome Santa's Lazy Gnome with accompanying book

"Their cousins would brag about all their elaborate elf shenanigans," she told Southern Living. "But life was too hectic, and we didn't have time to create daily schemes, let alone actually do them and clean them up."

She said she got the idea from Christmas décor she already had at home.

"Gnomes had been building in décor popularity because they're adorable anyway," she said. "I had one on the mantle, and it just came to me that gnomes are lazy and have some magic. Perfect solution!"

Boy reading book next to stuffed gnome
Boy reading book next to stuffed gnome

Courtesy of Santa's Lazy Gnome

Santa's Lazy Gnome and accompanying book are sold on Amazon for $29.90. At 10 inches tall with his hat down (15 when up), he's the perfect sized pal to keep the spirit of Christmas alive—and your kids on their best behavior—all season long.

Now the only question is: What will you do with all the time saved from ditching the shelf charade?

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