Mother-to-be goes viral after gender reveal party went wrong

A mother-to-be has gone viral on TikTok after she threw a gender reveal party for her boyfriend - but forgot he was colour blind and couldn’t work out the baby’s sex.

Jen Cowan, 23, organised a last-minute reveal at her parent’s house and wanted to capture the moment her partner Bailey reacted to the big news.

Mobile phone footage shows Bailey, 25, pulling a pink confetti cannon in the living room to unveil they were having a girl.

But a confused-looking Bailey looks over at his girlfriend, at which point the penny dropped and she realised she’d forgot he wouldn’t be able to see the colour.

Jen was forced to tell her partner they were expecting a baby girl after he could hilariously be seen mouthing: “What is it?”

The awkward moment the big reveal went wrong has since been viewed more than 2.5 million times since being uploaded to TikTok on January 7.

Jen, of Chingford, Essex, said the young pair have joked about the video ever since it was posted and they cannot believe how much interaction it has got online.

The self-employed freelance website designer said: “Bailey is so used to being colourblind.

“He didn’t even think about it and I completely forgot.

“When the confetti popped and he looked confused, I didn’t understand at first, but then I remembered he was colour blind.

“Bailey is a very laid back person so I don’t think he was too bothered about not seeing the pink confetti.

“We have both just laughed about it now. We were both sure I was having a boy, so I think I was more shocked about finding out we were having a baby girl in the gender reveal.”

 (Jen Cowan / SWNS)
(Jen Cowan / SWNS)
 (Jen Cowan / SWNS)
(Jen Cowan / SWNS)

Before going to bed, Jen had posted their reaction video on TikTok and thought nothing more of it as her other videos had only received a handful of likes.

When she woke up in the morning her phone was exploding with notifications and found out the video has gone viral.

She added: “It’s so weird how much attention the video has got, and it is very unexpected.

“The next morning, I opened my TikTok, and I had 99+ notifications and that is when I realised it had gone viral. It’s so crazy.”

Jen had been for a private early gender reveal scan at 16 weeks on November 10 last year.

Thinking she would regret not having a gender reveal party, she decided to hold a low-key celebration at her parent’s front living room with her close family present.

An hour before the gender reveal shower, they had the secret confetti canon filled with their baby’s gender colour so it would also be a surprise to them.

 (Jen Cowan / SWNS)
(Jen Cowan / SWNS)

Jen decided to film Bailey popping the confetti canon as a keepsake for when their baby is born.

Bailey, a self-employed online salesman, was born Moderate Protan colour-blindness which means all colours appear dull and he struggles to tell them apart.

The first-time parents have been together for almost six years after meeting at a local pub in August 2017 and plan to move in together in two months’ time.

Jen, who is six months pregnant, said they were both looking forward to having their first child together in April.

She added: “When I first out I was pregnant I was scared but now I am just excited.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mum ever since I was little. I was very set on being a young mum too.

“Our baby girl is due on April 25 this year and I can’t wait to meet her.

“She is definitely going to be girlie girl.”