My Take: More of us need to get vaccinated to bring infection rate down

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I read with interest the article about Chuck Berghorst (Sentinel, Nov. 27) and his amazing fight and recovery from the COVID-19 infection. Before the infection, he apparently was a very fit, healthy individual. This shows it can happen to anyone.

He is one very lucky human being! I find it interesting that the article never said whether he was vaccinated. If he was, he had an astonishing breakthrough infection. If he was not vaccinated, why not? Was he immunocompromised? If not, then, if he was traveling perhaps he should have used the CDC recommendations to prevent a COVID infection, i.e. social distancing, wearing a mask around people, and so on.

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I wonder what the cost of all of his hospital treatment was. Hopefully, his treatment was covered by his insurance (it must have been in the tens of thousands of dollars, I am sure). What about the cost to his family as far as stress, time and expense.

I also wonder if he apologized to the nurses and doctors for taking up a bed for two months and perhaps, denying other ill patients access to the hospital, when he could have prevented this. Patients who could not be treated for some serious ailment may have lost their lives, but we’ll never know, will we?

As you know, we are not the Benevolent Aid Society. We will all eventually pay for this in increased insurance premiums, or taxes!

If he had used precautions, he may have prevented the infection, or if he was vaccinated, he may, as most, had minimal symptoms. The rapid rate of COVID infections in the great state of Michigan is overwhelmingly from non-vaccinated people! This infection is so stressing our health system that our local health system has had to call in federal helpers, to relieve the overworked health care workers. They are exhausted! Fortunately, for Mr. Berghorst, everyone stepped up to the plate to help him overcome the COVID infection. How do you thank them? For one thing, GET VACCINATED!

When I read and hear all of the social media conspiracy theories, the myths about this vaccine, and all of the things it might cause, astounds me. The people that accept this as gospel makes me wonder if there are any critical thinkers out there that question these sources? For example, “it’s socialism,” or "it’s a violation of my individual freedom," to have this vaccine as it is against my free will. Really? Do you wear a seat belt in your car? Do you drive on the right side of the road? Have you had other vaccinations? I could go on but hopefully you get the idea! How about what is in societies best interest?

Perhaps, if those who refused to get vaccinated, who get the COVID-19 infection should pay for their hospital treatment, if they are not proven immunocompromised. The medical community could let people know the average cost of treatment via the media. It is also interesting that people don’t trust the vaccine, or the medical research of the vaccine, but if infected where do they go? The very medical community that uses the research and treatment to treat them!

I encourage anyone, who have children that are eligible to get vaccinated, to do so! They may not be as vulnerable as an older adult, but they can carry the virus and be infectious.

The University of Michigan also has a website to debunk 11 myths about the COVID-19 vaccine and kids, found at

Stop whatever your personal reason is about the COVID-19 virus for not being vaccinated, as it is deadly serious! Call and ask Mr. Berghorst what he thinks of the infection! Perhaps he could become a spokesperson for getting the vaccine, especially to the non-vaccinated.


— D.C. George is a resident of Park Township.

This article originally appeared on The Holland Sentinel: My Take: More of us need to get vaccinated to bring infection rate down

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