MoonXBT Launches Simple Earn for Users to HODL and Earn with 4.5% APY

SINGAPORE, Dec. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- MoonXBT, the leading crypto social exchange, has come up with a new DeFi product which is called Simple Earn for users to store their assets and make passive income with 4.5% annualized return rate.


Although it has been almost a month since the FTX black swan happened, its effect could be long lasting making the already chilling crypto winter freezing cold. Before the market sees any obvious signal of recovery, it seems the best strategy now for traders is to HODL. However, it is also a waste to sit on the asset without doing anything since money has time value.

Given the above, MoonXBT has thoughtfully developed the Simple Earn product where users can lock their coins or tokens safely and get interest everyday. So, not only can users shield their assets from risks during such a bearish market but also can enjoy appreciation.

The MoonXBT Simple Earn product is very simple. Users can start investing with only 1 USDT. All they have to do is to log on to their MoonXBT account and find "Earn". They will be presented with different types of simple earn products with different coin or token and term options. Users can choose the locked product of their preferences and subscribe the amount they want to as long as there's enough remaining quota.

After users have subscribed to the specific MoonXBT Simple Earn product, the interest will start to accrue at 16:00 UTC on the next day. Users can expect to see income everyday with a daily interest which is the APY divided by 365. APYs for each product can be slightly different, but overall they fluctuate around 4.5% which is much higher than peer products right now in the industry.

Users can redeem their assets once it reaches the end of the term of their subscribed products. The principal and interest will be automatically transferred to the users' funding account at 16:00 UTC on the redemption day.

MoonXBT has also prepared gifts for new users. If they subscribe Simple Earn products during the early stage, they can receive vouchers to experience the staking process without any threshold and simultaneously get extra high annualized income, or rate-up coupons to receive better stable income based with potentially better APY.

MoonXBT is one of the few crypto exchanges which has been operating smoothly without having brought any damage to the users at all during these days. As a direct partner of the Cambodian government, MoonXBT has been examined thoroughly by the top financial enforcement branch. MoonXBT has met the SERC's standard of the holding reserve and also follows SERC's protocols to manage user assets.

MoonXBT also always puts the interest of the users first. After LUNA collapsed, MoonXBT took the initiative and compensated all the losses users suffered from non-Luna-and-APE losses due to platform emergency shutdown. This time after FTX collapsed, MoonXBT has also published a total of 500,000 USDT special fund for the traders affected by the FTX incident.

For users who are struggling where to put their coins or tokens to cope with the current market, the MoonXBT Simple Earn product is here to offer safety, stability, and profits.

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