Your Monthly Love Horoscope for July 2022

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Your Monthly Love Horoscope for July 2022. Discover your Monthly Love Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Your powerful leader Mars starts the month in your own dominant sign, giving you confident but selfish vibes. You view your love life as “the Aries show,” and you want to be adored and admired for the star you are.

On July 1, a Mars-Pluto square creates tension between you and other fire signs, causing more problems than passion. If you’re seeing (or interested in) an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, expect power struggles galore.

Luckily, aggressive Mars moves into earthy Taurus on the fourth, redirecting you to solve issues in a more logical, practical way. When romantic crises arise in the rest of the month, keeping a level head will be key.

On July 17, the emotional partnership of loving Venus and caring Cancer gets underway, boosting your sense of empathy and compassion. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes changes your whole perspective. Now that you know what you know, things will be different going forward.

Soothing asteroid Chiron is in your active sign when it turns retrograde on the nineteenth, challenging you to work on healing a part of you that has been holding you back from loving someone fully. Don’t be afraid to confront those deep, painful bits, Aries. Overcoming obstacles like this is your strength.


Action-packed Mars in aggressive Aries makes you do some pretty forward things early in the month, but as this powerful planet links up with your sign on July 4, there are fewer fireworks. For the next few weeks, Taurus, you’re focused on your long-term love goals and zeroed in on potential sacrifices you’ll have to make to reach them.

Asteroid Vesta moves into a retrograde cycle while paired with emotional water sign Pisces on the seventh, making the past look better than it might have been. Before you say you’d give anything to just go back and do it over, think about that long and hard. Would you really be willing to give up your current situation for a cosmic do-over?

On July 17, your lovely home planet Venus forms a beautiful partnership with water sign Cancer, making you more emotionally vulnerable but also receptive to true love. If you’ve been holding back, you might not be able to much longer. This transit opens the emotional gate and lets feelings flow like water.

Your jealousy is no joke during the Venus-Jupiter square on the twenty-fourth, and it’s extremely offensive when someone pokes fun at it. Your feelings for someone run deep now, and you aren’t in the mood for anyone to make light of them, even if it’s seemingly unintentional.


With your talkative planetary guru Mercury in your chatty sign to start the month, you love to go on about anything and everything, although you just might be your favorite topic of conversation. Remember that listening is just as important as talking, especially in an intimate setting.

On July 4, Mercury moves into sensitive Cancer, changing the mood and making you a lot more sensitive to other people’s comments. You can pretend to have a tough outer shell, but your feelings still get hurt. Deep down, you just want to be loved like everyone else.

On that same day, the productive asteroid Pallas moves into your charming, witty sign, giving you the notion that all romantic problem can be solved if you’re just willing to try hard enough. Some things can’t be forced, Gemini. Do what you can to make things work out in your favor, but accept defeat graciously.

On the nineteenth, communicative Mercury leaves sensitive Cancer for fiery Leo, giving you the go-ahead to put it all out there. You gain a lot of attention when you open up and tell it like it is, and your outgoing personality is a turn-on for the right person. Your ability to flirt now is topnotch. Go get ’em, tiger!


As the temperature starts to heat up outside, the sun is spending time in your family-oriented sign when the month begins, so the long days of summer are perfect for having get-togethers with partner and kids in tow! If you’re single, this could be a lonely time, but throwing a picnic for other singles you can commiserate with should bring you out of your mid-summer funk.

Quick-thinking Mercury joins the sun in your sensitive sign on July 4, making you quick to jump to conclusions that might not be correct. Why is it that when you hear something bad you tend to believe it but a positive comment is out of the question? Try not to be so hard on yourself during this touchy transit, Cancer.

On the sixteenth, there’s a sun-Mercury conjunction in your homey sign that practically screams get those DIY projects going! Grab bae and get to work. Or, if you’re single, head to the nearest home improvement store and find a cute stranger to talk shop with. It’s easy to bond over glue guns and lighting fixtures during this aspect.

You wear your emotions on your sleeve during the new moon in dramatic Leo on July 28, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Having all eyes on you during this lunation is liberating.


There’s a lot of emotional energy coming from your leader sun’s position in sensitive Cancer early this month. Even though you might want to just brush something off (especially a rude comment), it will keep nagging at you until you address it. Try not to take everything so very personally.

On July 19, charming Mercury leaves shy Cancer and hooks up with your outgoing, attention-seeking sign, prompting you to do and say just about anything to get a smile, laugh or reaction of some kind. If you have a long-term partner, they’re probably used to your silly antics, but you might shock a date who doesn’t know you very well. We would advise you to dial it back, Leo, but you don’t really have a “self-aware” switch during this loud transit.

There’s a new moon in your fiery sign on the twenty-eighth that has encouraging properties if you can keep your ego in check. Expecting a positive result but not getting one is disappointing, but it probably has more to do with the situation you’re in than you personally. Hold it together until you get more info.

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You feel comfortable talking about a whole range of topics with a current or potential significant other while your logical leader Mercury is in witty Gemini early this month. You’re a great flirt now, and your clever comebacks get exactly the reaction you’re looking for.

However, a Mercury-Neptune square on July 2 could cause some tension with bae or a crush when you suddenly veer off course mid-conversation or get distracted and stop talking altogether. And even though you might make a quick recovery, the fact that it happened will linger for some time.

You enter an introspective period when thinker Mercury moves into Cancer’s shy territory on the fourth, and for the remainder of the month your moods are hard to read for your partner or someone you’ve been talking to frequently. Your chattiness one minute and sadness the next are all but impossible to figure out, Virgo, which doesn’t do much for a current or developing relationship.

There’s a full moon in determined fellow earth sign Capricorn on July 13 that puts your long-term romantic goals into perspective and helps you determine the steps you need to take in the next month in order to make them happen. A logical first step is getting closure from an ex so you can move on with a clean slate.


You have peak charming powers thanks to romantic Venus partnered with flirty Gemini early this month, so you don’t have a lot of trouble talking your way out of (or into) trouble. You’re an excellent communicator now, so if you have smooth, interesting and easygoing conversations with a current partner, crush or date, it’s probably meant to be.

A motivating Venus-Saturn trine arrives on July 12, showing you the kind of love that you could have in your life if you’re willing to work hard for it. Look for examples of the kind of relationship you want to have (like your grandparents, a celeb couple, etc.) and then find ways to emulate the most enviable parts of it.

Love becomes private as Venus enters the introverted, hard-shelled sign of the Crab on the seventeenth, so you definitely won’t want everyone knowing your business. If a current or potential partner posts anything about your relationship on social media, you’ll most likely ask them to delete it. You aren’t ashamed; you’re just very guarded now.

On July 24, a stressful Venus-Jupiter square has you questioning why you’ve been so unlucky in love. Even if you’re currently happy, you can’t help thinking about all the ways you’ve been done wrong in the past. Work on being present in current moment and appreciating what you have during this aspect, Libra. Doing anything else just isn’t that productive.


You gain a confident edge with your co-ruler Mars in determined, forceful Aries at the start of the month, but this combo can also cause you to be quite intimidating. And a square between Mars and Pluto, your two co-rulers, on July 1 adds a hint of danger to your personal interactions. Romantic risks might not pay off now, Scorpio.

A much calmer period is welcomed by Mars moving into practical, sensible earth sign Taurus on the fourth, giving you the sense to move past the thrills and concentrate on more down-to-earth romantic issues. You might miss the excitement of the past few weeks, but it will be kind of nice to be free of drama for a while.

A suspicious Mercury-Pluto opposition arrives on the eighteenth, causing you to put your guard up even higher than usual. Is it possible someone close to you is trying to sabotage your love life? Everyone is a suspect during this trust-testing aspect.

And to further complicate things, the sun and Pluto are in opposition on July 19, unraveling your intimate secrets and bringing them to light at the most inopportune times. Not being able to trust someone you thought had your back is heartbreaking.


You can’t wait to meet new people and experience new things this month as your expansive leader Jupiter is accompanied by impromptu kindred fire sign Aries. Lots of surprises are in store for you around every corner when you let go of expectations and just live in the moment.

On July 4, the demanding, blustery nature of Mars is subdued a bit by logical Taurus, putting your focus on romantic problems and how best to solve them. You aren’t into wasting anyone’s time now, especially your own. For the rest of the month, you’ll be looking for the most efficient way to deal with things so you have more time to get back to the fun.

A revealing Mercury-Jupiter square on the eighth brings some things to light that you’d rather not address, but the more people gossip about you and your romantic situation, the more you feel pressured to address it. It’s not that you’re that private of a person, but during this aspect nosy people bug you. It really is none of their business.

Mind-opening Jupiter goes retrograde while still in determined Aries on July 28, promising to deliver some tough lessons about love. Learning the hard way isn’t fun, Sag, but at least what this retrograde cycle teaches you should stick with you for a while.


Love isn’t all fun and games early this month as an unfortunate square forms between aggressive Mercury in Aries and deep Pluto in your cynical sign on July 1. Once you get in a bad mood during this aspect, you tend to stay in it, and it doesn’t take much to get you there. Good luck to a current or potential partner who tries to tell you to lighten up a little.

Things start to look up during the Mercury-Saturn trine on the second, especially when you realize something related to a current or potential relationship you’ve been working on for a while is finally coming to fruition. Today’s results aren’t because of a fanciful wish or blind luck, though. You worked hard to make this happen, Cap, so you should be really proud of yourself.

A full moon in your demanding, perfectionist sign arrives on July 13, giving you the chance to let go of some bad romantic habits that have been holding you back. If you want a better future, you have to be willing to let go of the past. Freeing yourself from the things that no longer work for you isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it during this determined lunar energy.


There’s a light, airy feeling to your conversations as Mercury spends time with witty Gemini early this month. And on July 2, a trine between Mercury and serious Saturn is ameliorated by your sign’s free-thinking energy, allowing you to say what’s on your mind without appearing overly focused on being right. A debate is great foreplay, Aquarius!

On July 4, fast-thinking Mercury is slowed by measured Taurus, and for the next few weeks you’ll be dedicated to getting the facts straight. Details are very important to you during this focused transit, so it isn’t likely you’ll miss an important anniversary or birthday or show up late to a date.

An upbeat sun-Uranus sextile on the tenth gives you the feeling that anything can happen, but there’s no need to try to force things. The Universe is full of interesting surprises now, and your love life gets a boost when you’re willing to just sit back and wait to see what might happen next.

You do a 180 during the emotionally charged new moon in attention-seeking Leo on July 28, especially if you aren’t getting admiring glances and compliments from the person you want them from the most. You aren’t usually the “everyone look at me” type, but this lunation draws out your inner drama queen.


If you’re a typical Pisces, you’re the painfully shy type, and during the stressful square between communicative Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in your introverted sign on July 2, things go from bad to worse. Your awkwardness when communicating with someone you really like (or love) is obvious, and a simple apology might not make up for it.

You might be feeling a sense of regret when asteroid Vesta goes retrograde in your idealistic sign on the seventh, especially when you become wistful about a past lover or relationship. Things always look better in hindsight, Pisces, so try not to beat yourself up over something you can’t change.

On July 17, an optimistic sun-Neptune trine lifts your spirits and gives you visions of some very good things to come. Your dreams have special insight into your love life now, so pay attention to what they might be trying to reveal. And trust your instincts during this illuminating aspect. Your feelings are spot-on now.

Another planetary entity, fair-minded Juno, goes retrograde while also paired with your sensitive sign on July 25, causing you to ponder equality in your relationships. If you don’t feel like you’re in a true partnership, examine why. If you’re single, you’ll be looking for someone who won’t take advantage of you or your kindness.

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