What is the 'Monster Mash'? An investigation

A Halloween conspiracy theory going viral on Twitter has social media users coming to a startling realization about Bobby Pickett’s beloved perennial hit “Monster Mash”. The theory suggests that we have never truly heard the Monster Mash; we’ve only heard a song describing a monster party where the mash was played. “Very troubling that the song ‘Monster Mash’ isn’t the Monster Mash,” the user wrote. “It’s a song about the Monster Mash, which is not itself heard on the track, and is fundamentally unknowable to us”. The tweet is just the latest installation in a long- standing tradition of October viral posts expressing the same idea: We do not know the real Monster Mash. The concept is similar to how Tenacious D’s “Tribute” is not the greatest song in the world; it’s just, well, a tribute to it. And, since Pickett died in 2007 without the chance to weigh in on the kooky theory. we can’t exactly ask him if it holds any merit