Mom's genius toothpaste trick keeps her bathroom sink spotless

Mom and hack expert, Shannon (@athomewithshannon), has turned the world of dental hygiene on its head, and all with a simple pump jar. In her video, which has been ‘liked’ nearly 500k times, Shannon demonstrates just how messy toothpaste tubes and bathroom sinks can get with everyday kid use. But with a simple pump jar — which she bought from Ikea — those messy tubes are a thing of the past. “Such a game changer in our house! Soooooo much easier!” Shannon wrote in the comments. Thousands of TikTok users are weighing in on Shannon’s comments, praising her hack. “My 7 yr old sent this to me! Off to Ikea I go,” said one comment. But some parents expressed concern about ditching the traditional toothpaste tubes. One user wrote, “That is so smart!!! But what about the fun characters?! My son only likes to brush because of the tube”. Another commented, “Just imagine having a guest over and they wash their hands with toothpaste and brush their teeth with hand soap”

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