A mom on TikTok showed how she lives in a camper with 5 kids

TikToker Kat Elizabeth lives in a mobile camper full-time, along with her husband and her five young children. In a tour of her confined, on-the-go lifestyle, the mom shows that she and her husband sleep in a private bedroom, along with their infant son. The room also contains their washer, dryer and a full bathroom. In their kitchen, the family has a large, residential fridge, plus a full stove, oven, a couch and a four-person dining table. The very back of the camper features the kids’ room, where Elizabeth’s other four children sleep. The room features two bunks, a private bathroom and plenty of toy storage. TikTok users had some strong reactions to the family’s lifestyle. “I would actually love to live there,” one user claimed. “THAT is too small for them,” one user wrote. “You can survive this but this is for you not for them”. In her video’s comments, the TikToker wrote that she “never said” it’d be permanent. She also explained they chose to live this way to be near her husband, who travels constantly for work