Mom switches baby to see if Dad notices and secretly films hilarious reaction

Mom Kat Stickler (@katstickler) set out to test her husband’s observation skills in a hilarious TikTok video. Kat starts by introducing us to the 2 babies — their own baby girl, MK, and the mystery baby (wearing MK’s bow). She then wheels the stroller into their living room, where Kat has secretly set up her iPhone to record, and asks her husband, Mike, to get “MK” out. Mike says sure — then does a double-take at the stroller and stares for a “hot minute”. He then declares, with a hint of alarm in his voice, “This is not our baby”. Immediately, Mike’s daddy instincts kick in, as he both panics about the presumed-missing MK and also gently cradles the mystery baby. As Mike’s panic grows, Kat quickly rushes in to tell him it was all a harmless prank. Relief immediately floods Mike. “I love the fact that he was still so attentive to the baby while freaking out!” said one comment. Other users didn’t love the prank — or the reactions to it. “The bar for men is SO LOW that the fact that he knows what his baby looks like is so impressive to us,” one user said

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