Mom stirs controversy with ‘excessive’ punishment for 9-year-old daughter: ‘Grow up’

A mother believes her 9-year-old daughter is misbehaving while playing the popular video game Animal Crossing. She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum because her husband felt she overreacted. The issue is her daughter is destroying her property in the virtual world. “My daughter, husband and I all have houses on an Animal Crossing island that I created,” she said. “I woke up this past weekend to find that every tree was cut down on the island, lots of flowers were dug up, outdoor furniture moved around, and randomly dug holes everywhere,” she continued. She sat her daughter down and explained to her she should respect other people’s efforts. “Out of anger I took her switch and said she’d get it back at the end of the week,” she wrote. “I feel like it was still disrespectful to f--- up my work even though it’s not a tangible thing," the mom continued. "Maybe a week was a bit excessive, but I think there’s a lesson my daughter can learn from this about respect,” she concluded. Reddit users weren’t all on the mother’s side exactly. “I can’t even believe you have to ask. You administered a real-life punishment, over a fantasy,” someone commented