Mom sings why the word 'and' is important for kids: 'Kids need both love AND discipline'

This TikTok mom sang a catchy song about why the word “and” is important for kids. Destini Ann (@destini.ann) is a TikToker who describes herself as a “single mom,” “peaceful parent,” and practitioner of “positive discipline”. Positive discipline is a parenting technique in which parents clearly communicate expectations to their children, as well as the consequences of those expectations. Destini’s “and” song is a stellar example of this parenting technique. Destini gives a few examples of how to effectively use the word “and” with kids:. “I hear you and you still gotta clean the house,” she sings. Finally, and most importantly, she sings, “Yes, I’m your mom and I’m also your best friend”. Viewers loved Destini’s parenting tips and its catchy delivery. “You have sculpted yourself into the most incredible parent and I’m obsessed. You can tell you put hard work into this and it’s beautiful,” one TikToker wrote

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