Mom has positive go-to phrases for her 'spicy' kids

This TikTok mom went viral for her positive parenting techniques, and all parents should be taking notes!. TikTok parent Destini Ann (@destiny.ann) shared one of her favorite positive parenting phrases to use when talking with her daughter. The clip went viral, hitting over 7 million views, and parents and non-parents alike shared some love in the comment section. The magical phrase? “Your message is getting lost in your mess” . Destiny claims she uses this when her daughter is at “max level spicy.” “[When] she is a ghost pepper wing dipped in wasabi,” elaborates the inspirational mom. Daughter: “You’re the worst mom ever, you don’t even play with me” . Mom: “Remember the tone and the words you use really affect how people respond to you, and who wants to play when they’re getting yelled at?” . TikTokers were blown away by the insightful response, and many posted comments that showed their gratitude for the valuable advice. Destini uses her platform to educate her 600,000 followers on some of her favorite positive parenting tips and phrases

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