Mom ‘frustrated’ over grandma buying ‘everything she wants’ for grandbaby

A woman is sick of her mom buying gifts for her baby and wants her to stop.

She shared the issue on Reddit’s “Mommit” forum. Every chance the grandmother gets, she uses it to buy the baby a new item. The issue is that the Reddit poster has her own ideas of what her baby needs, and they don’t always align with the grandmother.

“Is it wrong of me to be frustrated my mom buys everything she wants for my baby?” she wrote “I know she is just excited (first time grandma!) but I get sad because she buys things I feel sentimental about.”

The issue is that her home is full of unwanted baby accessories that she never asked for and will never use. Moreover, her mom tends to usurp her chance to get more sentimental items for her child.

“I plan on making him his first stocking for Christmas and I know she is going to buy him one without asking. Is it wrong to politely tell her to ask before buying things for the baby other than clothes?”

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Whenever she tries to confront her mother on these issues, her mom just buys her more unnecessary gifts.

“She means well and I don’t want to hurt her feelings but I’m sick of the clutter and also feel kind of sad I never got to pick out much baby stuff myself,” the Reddit poster explained.

“I feel like A lot of my pregnancy was about her and I just went along with it to make her happy, and I have big time regrets about it.”

Redditors felt the mom was completely out of line.

“You’re not wrong but I’m wouldn’t take any of the stuff,” a user wrote.

“You could give her suggestions of things you do need and what color or theme you’d like,” another said.

“No is a full sentence,” a person added.

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