Mom faces backlash after making ‘selfish’ vacation plans: ‘I don’t see why it’s a big deal

A mom is being called out by her husband for not taking her kids to Disneyland with her. She explained the situation at Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. “I loved going to Disneyland [with my best friend],” she wrote. “We stopped a couple of years ago when I started having kids. I have two kids under the age of two now”. “We started to talk about how much fun it was in the past … That’s when we decided, why not … so we’re thinking of going fall 2022”. “We both live in different states so we’d be reuniting while also going somewhere we love. The problem is, that my husband thinks it’s selfish for me to go and not take my family with as well”. “My kids will be pretty young at the point and even though it’s a place meant for kids, I don’t think they’d enjoy it as much compared to when they’re older,” she explained. “I plan on taking them when they can get the full experience. Plus, vacations just aren’t full vacations when you have to watch your young kids”. "My husband has gone on weekend trips without us and with his friends before, so I don’t see why it’s a big deal". Reddit users were on the mom’s side on this one. “A woman doesn’t stop being a person when she becomes a mother,” someone said