This mom created a fun and creative system for rewarding her kids’ good behavior using dol

This mom created a fun and creative system for rewarding her kids’ good behavior using dollar store items. Michelle Darna (@thekindaketomama) is a mom who loves sharing funny videos, keto recipes, and creative parenting hacks on TikTok. Michelle recently shared her complex system of rewards using items from the dollar store to teach her kids about the consequences of their actions. Michelle starts by buying a variety of glass gems from the dollar store. The gems go into separate Mason jars. Each of her children is assigned a different color gem. Then she assigns each of her children a glass bowl, which she fills with gems from the Mason jars as her kids complete different tasks. Michelle explains that her kids can earn gems through positive behavior and lose gems through negative behavior. “I wrote their names in a Sharpie [on the bowls] and created this little 1, 2, 3, 4 gauge... ...when they get 1, 2, or 3 levels, then they can pick something out of their little prize box,” the creative parent explains. The 4th level is the ultimate prize: A trip to the dollar store to pick out any $5 item. Many viewers applauded Michelle’s parenting hack, though some felt her reward system would send the wrong message to kids. One skeptical viewer wrote, “This seems dangerous, like isn’t this teaching them if they do good they will always get something out of it?”. Some researchers believe that rewarding kids can have negative outcomes, while others say it can encourage good behavior and increase self-esteem

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