Mom has brilliant bathtime hack for 'stubborn' 3-year-old who hates baths

Mom and TikToker @kelseyvenkov says she discovered a hack to get her child to take a bath. “I have a little girl who’s almost 4 years old, and she may be the most stubborn person I know”. “Lately she has been fighting me on taking a bath, and just does not want to do it, so I needed to come up with a solution,” she continues. “so every time she gets to take a bath, she picks one of her favorite bath bombs and gets to put it in the tub,” she went onto say. “I went to Target and picked up these pretty bath bombs, and some of them even have little surprises inside, so I know she’ll be super excited about it”. The video, which now has over 1M likes and 5K comments, is definitely making the rounds with parents who struggle at bathtime. One user wrote, “I did this with my son and now it’s a fight to get him OUT of the tub. Can’t win with toddlers”. But some parents expressed concern that the bath bombs could cause infections. check with your pediatrician to make sure your bathtime products are safe for kids

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