Mom accused of using drugs while pregnant

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Jun. 28—A 38-year-old Odessa woman waiting to go on trial on charges alleging she gave birth to a baby while using heroin has been arrested again. Authorities contend she gave birth to another child while under the influence of drugs, but this time, her newborn baby was born with multiple drugs in her system.

According to an Odessa Police Department report, Jeanette Marie Landreth, who is also known as Marie Jeanette Villescas, gave birth to a girl shortly before 8 a.m. June 18 at Odessa Regional Medical Center.

ORMC personnel told officers the baby appeared to be going through withdrawals and Landreth told them she'd used heroin the day before and methadone "off the street," according to the report.

Child Protective Services also told officers Landreth was forthcoming about her drug use.

The baby tested positive for opiates, methadone, marijuana and amphetamines, hospital officals told police. The baby was placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to address her withdrawals.

Landreth was booked into the Ector County jail on suspicion of endangering a child intentionally, knowingly or recklessly on Friday.

According to online Ector County District Court records, Landreth was indicted in November 2020 on a charge of endangering a child, criminal negligence after authorities determined she gave birth the prior month to another baby girl after using heroin throughout her pregnancy.

The indictment in the 2020 case states she placed the baby "in imminent danger of death, bodily injury or physical or mental impairment."

Jail records indicate Landreth was released the day of her arrest in both cases after posting two bonds totaling $34,000.