Mom of 3 Says Youngest 'Didn't Recognize Me' When She Reunited with Kids After Lengthy COVID Battle

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After more than a year since she was hospitalized due to COVID-19, a Texas mother of three has finally returned home.

Jazmin Kirkland reunited with her family this month for the first time since she was admitted to the hospital after contracting COVID-19 last summer, NBC affiliate KXAS reported.

The 34-year-old and her husband, Kody, were on a family vacation when they both became sick with the disease. While Kody's condition improved, Jazmin was taken to Texoma Medical Center and placed on a ventilator about two weeks later.

"I started to pray and was like, 'God, please don't let me die … just let me wake up. Let me be here for my kids and my husband,' " she recalled to Good Morning America. "And I just texted my husband and I said, 'I love you. I promise I'm going to keep fighting.' "

According to FOX affilaite KTBC, doctors placed Jazmin on an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine, which supports patients with failing hearts and lungs by pumping oxygen throughout the body.

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Jazmin recovered from the ordeal but spent the last year relearning how to eat and walk, per KXAS. The family hopes her story can help others who have experienced life-changing symptoms from the virus.

"Even if it's just one person that can find her story to say like, hey, someone overcame this to give them hope that they can do it too, then that's what I was hoping others would take away from this as well," Kody told the outlet.

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In all, Jazmin spent six months on the ECMO machine and 370 days in the hospital, per KXAS and KTBC.

When she returned home on Aug. 9, Jazmin said her 2-year-old son didn't recognize her because he could not remember seeing her outside of a hospital.

"He was 1 when I went into the hospital, and he sees the hospital as, that's mom's house," she told GMA. "He was confused. He didn't recognize me because I wasn't in my PJs or my hospital gown."

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The outlet said that Jazmin is still on oxygen and receiving nursing and physical care, but she is thankful for everyone who helped her make it this far.

"Saying thank you doesn't feel like it's enough because so many people helped and did so much for us," Jazmin, who is expected to make a full recovery, told GMA. "That's really important for me, to thank everyone, everyone who was here for us and showed us how much they loved us, who went out of their way to help."