'Modest Is Hottest' song faces backlash from TikTok users and parents

A new song from contemporary Christian singer Matthew West drew ire from TikTok users and their parents after it went viral. The song "Modest is Hottest" and its accompanying music video were released on June 18. The music video has been wiped from the internet following backlash, . but the song has continued to spread on social media. In the original video, West gives his two daughters a lecture about modesty. West mentioned TikTok in the song, saying that if his daughters got caught "doing dances on the TikTok in a crop top," they would be "grounded 'till the world stops". West wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post that the song was meant to be a "light-hearted take on an age-old struggle" . Prior to its deletion from most platforms, "Modest Is Hottest" went viral on TikTok as a sound under the name "Modesty culture is toxic". "My issue with 'Modest Is Hottest' is that it implies that women's bodies are for men to look at," user @roanmclean wrote in a post that now has nearly 2 million views

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