Model criticized for 'tone deaf' display of free stuff

Liz Seibert (@lizseibert) posts all sorts of videos on TikTok showcasing her life as a model. On May 19, she posted a video detailing all of the free stuff she managed to get in just one day, mostly using an app called Beauty Pass. Beauty Pass is like LinkedIn, but for models and businesses. Models who are accepted onto the app get special perks, and in exchange, they market the companies’ products. Seibert got a $15 açai bowl, two salads costing $30 and two cupcakes that would normally cost nearly $9 — all for free through the app. She also started out her day with two free Krispy Kreme donuts, as part of the chain’s deal for vaccinated Americans. Seibert then showed off her complimentary influencer gym membership and talked her way into a comedy show free of charge. In total, Seibert claimed she got $157.89 worth of free products in less than 24 hours. “Let’s change the title of the video [to] ‘Things I Can Get For Free In NYC Because I’m A Model and I Have Pretty Privilege,'” one user commented. “IDK why y’all mad at her,” one pointed out. “Be mad at the companies if anything”