Missing man now a wanted man

Feb. 4—A missing man is now a wanted man after he allegedly ran from police on Thursday.

William Curtis Music Jr., who had reportedly been missing since December, apparently didn't want to be found because he was wanted on warrants out of Atlanta, according to the Glynn County Police Department.

An officer was called to a gas station on U.S. 17 Thursday because someone said they had spotted Music. The police department had posted on Facebook Jan. 27 seeking the public's help in finding him.

When the officer arrived on scene, he learned Music was wanted on a parole violation warrant out of Atlanta stemming from a fraud case, according to GCPD.

The officer asked Music to step out of the vehicle and told him he was under arrest.

"Music stated he was going to roll the window up and I advised he could, and that we would talk to the store clerk and make sure his vehicle could be left there and would not be towed," according to GCPD. "Music started the vehicle and rolled up the windows and locked the doors while he was still inside the vehicle, refusing to exit the vehicle."

The officer said he told Music several times to get out of the car and even said he would break the window to get Music out if necessary, according to GCPD.

"Music then put vehicle in reverse and stated, 'I can't go back to prison,'" according to GCPD.

Music then allegedly fled, prompting two officers to begin a pursuit. The officer claimed in the report that Music was driving faster than 105 mph in his Toyota Camry, but that after he alerted dispatch that they were chasing him, they were told to discontinue the pursuit in accordance with the department's new chase directive, according to GCPD.

Music was able to escape arrest but is now facing warrants on charges of obstruction and felony fleeing and eluding police on top of the Atlanta parole violation warrants.