Millie Savage Jewelry Has All the Cosmic Cowgirls Covered

Eponymous jewelry label, Millie Savage, has unveiled a campaign full of glitter, color, high-end crystals and cowboy hats, hard not to feel energized by. Just in time for Valentine's Day (or to lift the winter blues), the range offers ethically sourced and high-end unique pieces that instantly make any look bling.

Staying true to the brand's Aussie roots, the range includes Opal-embellished silver necklaces and chokers alongside a variety of mix-and-match metal rings that arrive in different crystals and motifs. Not to forget, a pair of moon and sun long earrings accented with precious stones and delicate chains. Elsewhere, matching bracelets prove one can never have enough accessories.

Australian jewelry Millie Savage began hand-making her quintessential pieces from the comfort of her own garden shed almost nine years ago. She now works with an intimate of female powerhouses between her Bali and Fitzroy studios. Through her creations, Savage promises to put magic in your hands for the years to come.

On the inspiration behind the collection, the designer told Hypebae: "My biggest inspiration is the stones. Not necessarily the stones themselves but the colors in them. I've always been obsessed with color. Despite being a jeweler, I also paint, and all my paintings revolve around color and color perception. With stones, it's very similar."

She continued, "I see myself as a picture framer, the stones are the artwork, and I'm just curating it all together -- choosing stones that sit harmoniously with each other and complement each other, tonal or contrasting. And then, when it's just right, I chuck them into a metal frame that holds it all together to make a little piece of art for your finger. This new collection, in particular, is very poppy pastels."

Take a look at Millie Savage's latest campaign in the gallery above and head to the brand's online store to cop.

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