Millennial Bosses, What's Something Your Older Managers Did To You That You've Sworn Never To Repeat?

As a millennial, my various work experiences have ranged from, "Wow, I thought we left this nonsense in the '50s" to "My job takes place completely on the internet and I have to explain it to my parents every time I see them." It's a pretty interesting combo, and I think that seeing how much things have changed since we entered the workforce has given our generation a really unique perspective.

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And as more and more millennials are becoming managers and starting our own companies, I'm super curious to hear from you about the things your older bosses did in the past that you're determined not to repeat now that you're the boss.

Maybe early in your career, you worked under a boss who constantly downplayed your contributions — but meanwhile, they couldn't even rotate a PDF without you holding their hand. Now that you're managing your own team, you make a point of recognizing everyone's work and giving credit where credit is due.

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Or perhaps you used to work under leadership who gave a lot of lip service to ideas like "diversity" and "inclusion", but in practice, their hires tended to be pretty homogenous. Now that you have hiring power, you've assembled an actually diverse team, and you're always learning more about how you can make your workplace truly welcoming to all.

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Or maybe you've previously worked for bosses who had absolutely no sense of work-life balance whatsoever, and the experience left you feeling super burned out. Now that you're in charge, you encourage people to use their PTO, clock out on time, and steer clear of overworking.

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Tell me about your millennial management style in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.