Michael Moore Writes Own Declaration Of Independence And It's Peak Patriotism

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A “fed up”Michael Moore shared his own Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July, saying he “will not shut up” until his goals are met.

The Oscar-winning “Bowling for Columbine” filmmaker noted the mass shooting at a parade in Illinois on Monday and the Supreme Court’s repeal of abortion rights to introduce his manifesto.

Moore demanded the reinstatement of Roe v. Wade, safety and reparations for Black people and the removal of “every single Republican from office” in the November elections.

“I refuse to live in a country threatened by white supremacy — and I’m not leaving. So we‘ve got a problem,” he wrote.

Moore planned to accomplish his objectives with good old-fashioned nagging.

“Until women’s rights have been fully reinstated, and their equal rights are enshrined in our Constitution (now that the required 38 states have passed the Equal Rights Amendment), I will not shut up about this,” he wrote. “If you invite me to dinner that’s all I’m gonna talk about. Have me over to your party and it’s going to be, ‘Dobbs, Dobbs, and more Dobbs!’ And I won’t stop until Roe is reinstated and 51% of Congress is female.”

He also pledged a voting drive to advance like-minded candidates.

“No candidate will get our support unless they sign a pledge stating they will vote to make Roe v. Wade the law of the land; make gerrymandering and voter suppression illegal; eliminate the filibuster; upgrade Obamacare to Universal Health Care for All; pass strong gun control laws; and end the police executions and racist incarcerations of Black citizens.”

Read the whole declaration.

Michael Moore, pictured in 2018, wrote that he
Michael Moore, pictured in 2018, wrote that he

Michael Moore, pictured in 2018, wrote that he "will not shut up" about what he wants for America in a Fourth of July essay. (Photo: Steve Russell via Getty Images)

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