Miami cop whined about squad cars speeding to officer shooting. Chief: Comment ‘disgusting’

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Sydney Walsh/

The city of Miami’s police chief wants to know which of his officers complained to radio dispatch Monday night that patrol cars passing him at a high rate of speed — as they raced to the scene of a cop who had been shot — were endangering him.

In a 32-second audio recording provided to the Herald, an officer can be heard asking dispatch to find out why Miami-Dade patrol cars are passing him at 60 mph on Northwest Seventh Avenue.

When dispatch replied “officer down,” a male officer responded: “To yourselves, let them know they’re going to have another officer down if they keep going at 70 miles per hour near my car.”

Miami Police Chief Manny Morales said when the department identifies the officer, he will likely receive some type of direct discipline.

“His comments are disgusting, disturbing and completely uncalled for,” said the chief. The department tweeted out Tuesday that it was aware of the comments and was actively trying to identify the officer.

The Miami-Dade patrol cars passing the officer were likely racing to Northwest Seventh Avenue and 62nd Street, where an officer was shot in the head by, police said, an armed robbery suspect he was chasing. The suspected gunman was killed in an exchange of gunfire.

Miami-Dade Police have not named the gravely injured officer — who remains clinging to life with the aid of ventilators at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center — or the suspect.