Mets Mailbag: Will Billy Beane come to Queens?

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Billy Beane
Billy Beane

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Any chance of the Mets luring [Billy] Beane or is this a pipe dream? -- @AlanKrystal1

I don’t think it’s a pipe dream. In fact, I’ve been hearing Beane’s name more connected to the Mets than Theo Epstein’s, despite all the breathless talk about Epstein.

Having said that, it’s important to note that the Mets’ front office search has not yet advanced beyond the preliminary brainstorming phase. But as noted in a Sept. 7 piece, there aren’t many people in the industry who both fit what Steve Cohen is looking for and will also be available. Maybe three people? Less?

Beane is one where mutual interest is possible. The Mets would certainly talk to him. Beane just has to decide if he wants to be more active in day-to-day baseball operations than he has been in several years (in Oakland, GM David Forst has long since assumed those responsibilities).

Perhaps Sandy Alderson, Beane’s longtime friend and mentor, could make a case to Beane that returning to the team that drafted him and winning a championship -- which the A’s have never come particularly close to doing during Beane’s tenure -- would help burnish his legacy beyond an old book.

If Cohen talks to Beane and Epstein and feels more personally connected to Epstein, the equation could change. It’s early. But Beane is someone to watch.

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