Mets' Francisco Lindor says he is close to clicking: 'One swing gets me back'

Ryan Morik
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Lindor celebrates game winning hit in Colorado
Lindor celebrates game winning hit in Colorado

Entering Saturday, the Mets had the same amount of postponed games as they had games played - and because of seven-inning doubleheaders, they actually had more innings postponed than played up to that point.

But with COVID-19 and weather stoppages doing everything they can to stop the Mets, it hasn't, and atop the NL East at 6-4.

And that's even with Francisco Lindor off to a slow start.

"We were starting to get into a groove. The offense was starting to click, they were starting to have more fun," Lindor said, regarding all the stoppages the Mets have had. "Because what happens when you don’t play every day, us as baseball players, we get into a ‘if I don’t do it today, tomorrow, I can do it. I can make the adjustments tomorrow.’

"But when you don’t play the next day, it’s like, the adjustments are not there. I can dry swing all I want in my room, it’s not the same. At home, it felt like we were almost at a normal schedule... But after [the off day on Monday], hopefully we’ll get into these everyday-type scenarios.”

After his 0-for-2 performance in game two of Saturday's doubleheader, a 7-2 loss to the Colorado Rockies, the new shortstop is hitting just .212 with a .614 OPS.

But he did drive in the game-winning run in game one of the doubleheader, which upped his confidence a bit.

“[I was looking for a] good pitch to hit, to be honest," Lindor said. "I haven’t got into that groove of ‘alright, this is me.’ I’m having good at-bats. I feel like I’m having quality at-bats. I’m working the counts, I’m walking, but I still haven’t clicked. So I was just trying to get a good pitch and try to get the barrel to it. Not trying to do too much, just trying to pass the baton to the next guy."

And that's not just his mentality.

"That’s pretty much what I’ve been trying to do and what we’ve all been trying to do. We’re not trying to play hero. We know it’s a long season, and if we have quality at-bats, we’re gonna come out on top at the end of the day," he added.

It's been hard for the Mets offense to get into a groove when they have played barely half of their originally scheduled games.

But how does Lindor know when he's back? How does he know when "this is me?"

“It’s one swing. It’s usually one swing. One swing gets me back to my comfort zone. That swing hasn’t got there yet," Lindor said. "I’m in a good spot, but I’m not in that spot where I’m like ‘alright, don’t matter what he throws, I’ma hit it hard.’”

If the game-winning hit after two off days wasn't that "one swing," then Mets fans should be pretty excited to see what is.