Meet Aaron Carter's New Girlfriend, Melanie Martin!

When Aaron Carter went public with his new girlfriend over the weekend, fans were quick to cast doubt about his blonde beauty -- but it might not be fair to judge this book by her cover. The "Hard To LøVë" singer's new flame is Instagram model Melanie Martin. She's in her mid-30s and while the bombshell's hair is bleach blonde, she hails a Bulgarian background. Melanie revealed her nationality on her Instagram story after Aaron Carter's fans attacked her looks by claiming she was 100% fake.


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Her Butt Is Real:

"So I guess I'm not 100 percent fake lol," she clapped back on Monday. "100 percent Bulgarian booty bitch. Y'all if it were fake I wouldn't have real cellulite stupid c----. I'm over you all. Go back to your mom's basement," she added. Slamming Aaron Carter's followers comes as no surprise considering all the harsh criticism they gave her after the singer revealed his new relationship. Many were quick to judge Melanie Martin calling her a "blow-up doll" and questioning if anything was authentic about her including her love for Aaron Carter.

Here's What Fans Said:

"She looks like a constipated lion with all that plastic surgery. 😂 I mean, can she even move her face?" one person commented on their first photo as a couple. "Nice? Who? Plastic girl? Ah ok," added another. "She has a great body but she looks 50 in the face," replied a third. Others insinuated that Melanie Martin might be a prostitute and their relationship would be over ASAP. "How much you paying her?" questioned one person. "How much was she?" wondered another. "Yeah this relationship Is not gonna last long like the other one," commented a fan.

She's Defending Their Love:

Aaron Carter made his relationship with Melanie Martin IG official on Sunday. Posting a mirror selfie showing them in a bedroom with the model sweetly kissing his cheek, the singer captioned the snap, "She loves me she loves me not, she woke me up from napping but I'm not complaining." Melanie posted the photo with Aaron Carter too and when fans began questioning her motives for dating the troubled singer, she was quick to nip their assumptions in the bud.

She's Clapping Back:

When one person commented, "You playing that dude. Help him with his drug issues. Posting this is not helping him," she wrote back, "playin' him? Really you don't even know me. Aaron isn't getting played. smh." Aaron Carter is used to getting heat on social media. Most recently, he was labeled "racist" after sharing a video faking an Asian accent while ordering Chinese food. Fans are worried about the singer's mental state following a string of strange behavior including getting a giant tattoo of Medusa on his face, as well as publicly accusing his Backstreet Boy brother, Nick Carter, of abuse and sexual assault.