Medolife Rx, Inc. Has Submitted Applications Of Their Scorpion Venom To Help Fight Against Cancer And COVID-19 With The FDA In The Dominican Republic; The FDA Is In The Process Of Investigation And Conducting Their Due Diligence For Efficacy And Safety

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Patented Polarization Technology Brings Increased Effectiveness in Venom-To-Drug Development

BURBANK, Calif., Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Medolife Rx, Inc., ("Medolife") the majority owner of Quanta, Inc. (OTCPK: QNTA) today announced that Medolife and The Ministry of Environment of The Dominican Republic signed an exclusive 10-year agreement with automatic renewal. This groundbreaking partnership encompasses exclusive rights for investigations, production, and distribution world-wide for the venom of a unique species of scorpions indigenous to the Dominican Republic. Medolife will focus on the R&D of pharmaceutical-grade products, as well as clinical evidence-based nutraceuticals, using its proprietary process of its polarization technology, developed by CEO, Dr. Arthur Mikaelian.

A recent Business Insider article estimated scorpion venom to be the most expensive liquid in the world, valued at $39 million dollars-per-gallon. Scorpion venom is currently in active research by large pharmaceutical companies for its therapeutic use in treating cancer, COVID-19, viral diseases, inflammation, and pain, all of which are independently multi-billion-dollar industries. Medolife is a pioneer in venom-to-drug development. With Medolife's Dominican Republic Scorpion Reservation being one of the largest natural breeding grounds for scorpions on earth. Medolife will bring its 30+ years of research and expertise to help locate, study and develop groundbreaking formulas and pharmaceutical-grade medications for consumer use. This agreement also allows for Medolife to expand its existing infrastructure, facilities, and certified pharmaceutical lab.

Medolife's close relationship with the Dominican Republic government dates back to 2007, which significantly contributed to research and FDA trials of a new generation of natural pharmaceutical-grade and evidence-based nutraceutical products. Medolife CEO, Dr. Arthur Mikaelian said "We could not feel more humbled by the trust the Dominican Republic Government has shown to us. We have worked closely with them for the past 14 years and are incredibly excited to continue our research and trials with them as a partner for the next 10-years and beyond." He continued by saying "This partnership has the possibilities to bring so many new life-changing formulas to the world. From cancer medications to viral and immune system therapies, we are truly just scratching the surface of what this incredible peptide can do for mankind."

Over the years, The Government of The Dominican Republic and Medolife have undertaken extensive research and expeditions to locate and identify specific scorpion species that have therapeutic and medical values. Marina Hernandez, Head of the Genetic Resources Department of the Biodiversity Directorate with the Dominican Republic Ministry of Environment said "A long term partnership between our Government and Medolife gives us much hope. We have experienced first-hand the marvelous results Dr. Mikaelian has discovered through his research. With our ongoing support of Medolife's research, we wish to contribute to the significant improvement of the lives of people in the Dominican Republic, and the world at large."

About Medolife:
Medolife Rx, Inc. is a Wyoming corporation, founded by Dr. Arthur Mikaelian, a pioneer of polarization technology, which has been awarded U.S. Patent 8,097,284 B2 as it pertains to Polarized Scorpion Venom solution and the method for making it. Dr. Mikaelian's technical education began at the 2nd Medical Institute of Moscow and continued at the Vernadsky University of Biosphere Knowledge in Moscow, where he earned his doctorate in Biological Psychology; he then went on to complete his post-doctorate work at Vernadsky. He also earned an MBA from the University of Bologna in Italy. You can find more about Medolife at:

About Quanta:
Quanta, Inc. ("Quanta") utilizes a cutting-edge technology platform that applies advances in quantum biology to increase the potency of active ingredients. Currently, Quanta supports product formulations in pain management, anti-inflammation, skincare, agriculture, nutritional supplements, and plant-based consumables. Ultimately, Quanta's mission is to deliver better, more effective ingredients to elevate product efficacy, reduce waste and facilitate healthier, more sustainable consumption.

The established resonance theory behind polarization process used by Quanta has many potential applications. From potentiating bio-ingredients, to producing more-effective carbon-trapping plants, to transformative anti-aging solutions, Quanta has the opportunity to upend how commercial products are made and the benefits from them. Already, we see multitrillion dollar global industries benefiting from the technology used by Quanta. You can find more about Quanta at:

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