Medium leaves woman in tears after interpreting message from late daughter in parking lot

Amie Balesky, the founder of The Balesky Experience, took to TikTok to share a heartwrenching story in a video. Balesky, who claims to have clairvoyant capabilities, shared that she was in front of a supermarket when she witnessed a woman having trouble parking her car because of a rogue shopping cart. Balesky got out of her car to move the cart, and when the woman came over to thank her, the medium says she immediately felt the strong presence of a person in her mid-twenties. “I’m like, ‘ma’am, can I please ask you something?’ She’s like, ‘yeah,'” Balesky recalled. “I was like, ‘do you have a daughter that passed that’s between like 23 and 25? Because she’s around you right now, and you can just feel the love’”. “The woman looked at me, took off her sunglasses and started to tear up,” she continued. Balesky said the woman then shared that she did, in fact, have a daughter who died by suicide eight years ago at the age of 24. “She said, ‘today’s her birthday, every year I go to the grocery store and I get a little tiny cake and I put a candle in it for her, and I sing her happy birthday at night and blow out her candle,'” Balesky continued. TikTokers were extremely emotional over the video. “That had to feel so healing for her, one user commented

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