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Global medical clothing market in 2021 was valued at USD 94.18 billion, and it is predicted to reach USD 139.22 billion by 2028, increasing at a CAGR of 5.79% % from 2022 to 2028.

Westford, USA, Aug. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recent years have seen a growing demand in the global medical clothing market, as hospitals and clinics across the globe continue to see an increase in patients with infections and other illnesses. As a result, suppliers of medical clothing and accessories have expanded their product lines to meet this demand.

The COVID pandemic has left a positive for the global medical clothing market. This is due to the fact that health care workers are now required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when treating patients with the virus. PPE includes items such as gowns, gloves, masks and face shields. The increased demand for medical clothing had put a temporary strain on the supply chain, as manufacturers struggled to keep up with the demand during initial period of 2020. However, the scenario has changed now, but the demand for medical clothing is continue to rise as the number of patients visiting the hospitals have increased to a great extent.

SkyQuest has reviewed past and current demand for medical clothing and prepared a report that provides a deeper insight on demand and supply gap, impact on Covid-19 on medical clothing production, number of suppliers, distributors, consumption of medical clothing by hospitals, healthcare workers, and patients, among others. For detailed understanding of the global medical clothing market,

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Medical Clothing Demand is On the Rise as More than 316 million People Undergo Surgeries and over 500 people are Diagnosed with Chronic Diseases

As per a recent study by SkyQuest, the demand for medical clothing is increasing with the growing prevalence of chronic diseases and increasing number of surgeries. This means that manufacturers of medical clothing need to expand their production to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Globally more than 30% of the population is having one or multiple chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, among others.  As per recent findings by SkyQuest in global medical clothing market that at least 1.7% of the global population is diagnosed with cancer and more than 10 million people die each with the cause. As per recent estimated by CDC, more than 27.5 million are expected to be diagnosed with cancer by 2024. This represent how the prevalence of chronic diseases are contributing to the growing number of hospitalizations. In fact, more than 80% of cancer patients and more than 83% of cardiovascular patients are required to be hospitalized at least once in their lifetime.

One study found that the number of people who require medical clothing has increased by 28% over the past decade, which is likely due to an increase in the number of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, more surgeries are now being performed on a routine basis, which also contributes to increased demands for medical clothing. As of July 2022, more than 316 million surgeries are performed each year. 143 million additional surgeries are needed each year in LMICs in order to save lives and prevent disability. Only 6.8% of the approximately 316 million surgical procedures performed each year occur in the poorest countries, where over a third of the world's population lives.

SkyQuest has studied the impact of increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and growing number of surgeries on the global medical clothing market and its demand. The study provides in depth analysis of the market by number of medical clothing used for patients, purchasing power of new clothing by hospitals, expected growth in medical clothing demand, current market trends, challenges, and opportunities for the market players. For detailed insights on the global medical clothing market,

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SkyQuest Study Suggests 1.5 Billion People Hospitalized in 2021, 17% Increase than 2020

Every year, millions of people are hospitalized due to a variety of injuries and illnesses. Injuries can come from accidents, crime, or natural disasters. Illnesses can come from accidents, disease, or the weather. Worldwide, there are an estimated 1.5 billion hospitalizations each year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the most common illnesses are respiratory infections (including tuberculosis and pneumonia), cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Due to their prevalence, these latter three illnesses account for more than 60% of all global hospitalizations, and contribute significantly to growth of the global medical clothing market.

As per recent findings by SkyQuest, an estimated 1 in 5 people are expected to hospitalized at some point during their lifetime across the globe. This marks a 4% increase from 2000–2010, when an estimated 1 in 4 people were hospitalized. The most common cause of hospitalization is heart disease, which accounts for about one-third of all stays. Approximately 41% of all hospitalizations are due to infections, 31% are due to stroke or hypertension, and 10% are due to chronic kidney disease or other coexisting conditions.

There are an estimated 1.5 million people who are hospitalized each year in the United States. This number includes both people who are admitted to the hospital and people who are treated at an outpatient clinic or emergency room. About 60% of these people are discharged from the hospital within one day, and 40% are discharged within seven days. Far more people (3.5 million) are treated in hospital outpatient departments each year. This has generated a huge growth potential for medical clothing market as the number of hospitalizations is driving up the demand for medical clothing for patients and physicians.

The hospital industry is seeing an increase in the number of patients who are being hospitalized and requiring clothes for both work and recovery. In addition, hospital clothing is in high demand as the number of hospitalizations continues to increase. In fact, the International Labor Organization (ILO) projects that there will be an additional 1.5 million job opportunities for nurses by the end of 2023, which would create higher demand for medical clothing.

SkyQuest Technology has published a report on medical clothing market that has covered a detailed analysis of medical hospitalization by country, number of patients wearing medical clothing each year, demand and supply gap, active players in the market, competitive landscape, market share analysis, and pricing analysis, among others. For detailed information of the study,

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Prominent Players in Global Medical Clothing Market

  • Cardinal Health, Inc. (US)

  • Halyard Health (US)

  • Barco Uniforms (US)

  • Superior Uniform Groups (US)

  • Semperit AG Holding (Austria)

  • Ansell Healthcare LLC (Australia)

  • 3M company (US)

  • Medline Industries (US)

  • Mölnlycke Health Care (Sweden)

  • LynkTrac Technologies LLC (US)

  • Owens & Minor, Inc. (US)

  • Prestige Medical (CA)

  • Landau Uniforms (US)

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