McLean County students learn about agriculture, safety

Oct. 1—Fourth-graders across McLean County gathered on Friday to learn more about agriculture and safety from various regional agencies.

The Youth Ag & Safety Day has the goal of teaching students how to use proper safety procedures around farming equipment, what to do in case of emergencies and how to prevent accidents.

Jackie Underwood, program assistant at McLean County Extension Office, said this was the first time in three years that the event has been held because of COVID-19.

"With learning safety, a lot of kids aren't around farms or things of that nature so it's good to give them a heads up," Underwood said. "That way if they're ever in a position, they know how to handle it and know what not to do."

Easton Ruby, a student at Livermore Elementary, said he hadn't learned anything he didn't know before, but that it was important to learn in case someone were to need those tips in the future.

At the grain bin rescue station, Calhoun Elementary School student Shelby Fulkerson said she learned it takes a lot more weight than the person weighs to pull them out of quicksand.

"We fed sheep and pet a cow at the livestock station and learned about competitions and different breeds," she said.

Fulkerson said it's beneficial for the students to learn about agriculture because it's something they live around and that it's important to know about surroundings.

"I live kind of on a planting crop farm and my dad drives tractors around at farms," she said. "It's really fun and you wouldn't get to do that in the city. It's also peaceful."

Kendall Conrad, a student at Sacramento Elementary School, said she learned that the bar on the back of lawnmowers is there to protect the person using it.

"My dad plants beans, corn and wheat," she said.

Nutrien, Cattlemen's Association, Health First, Sunoco and Hilltop Farms sponsored the event.